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Who We Are

Gardens of the Treasure Coast (GTC) is a family owned and operated landscaping company as well as a retail/wholesale nursery. Travis Anstett, the founder of A Gardens of the Treasure Coast (GTC) Landscape and Nursery, has been in the landscape business for over 12 years. We provide a wide range of services to our customers including landscape design and installation and monthly maintenance services. We work with high end residential properties and commercial sites to smaller homes and renovation projects. We work successfully with a wide variety of clients and budgets. From the beginning phases of your landscape design to the last shrub planted, our founder Travis Anstett, personally oversees the projects every step of the way. We work with your vision to produce a final product you will love. Our creativity and expertise can provide a new way of looking at your yard or commercial site.  Let us help you enhance and maintain your outdoor needs!


Why Our Name

Gardens of the Treasure Coast (GTC) is known for our vision of landscaping. We want to be involved with your landscape as it evolves over time. The look of your landscape evolves from season to season and year to year as it matures and develops. It is our desire to give you beauty and functionality all year round. From day one we look at the potential of your project as we see it evolving over time. We want to be a part of the process from designing to planting and then maintaining your site.

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